Where bicycle bells end up: wedged into the road surface

If you are walking around the Netherlands, it is not super rare to notice a bicycle bell stuck in the asphalt or jammed into a paver.

Nobody knows how they got there but it is reasonable to assume they fell off a bike and then got fixed into the road surface by passing cars.

Several people have started documenting this phenomenon:

Fietsbellen.com has been posting photos (see illustration) between what appears to be 2005 and 2013. I do not know who is behind the site.

In 2016 Henry Cutler blogged about a ‘Diswasher’ Pete Jordan project of documenting these fallen bells, and discussed the process of photographing them.

In 2020 artist Pim van Halem actually displayed his photos of bike bells as part of an exhibit called Van de Straat in Schiedam.

Also, in 2017 bloggers Daisy and Patrick published a post called 7 Secrets Even The Dutch Don’t Know About Utrecht in which they discussed the hidden bicycle bells of the road and six other secrets.

(Illustration: screenshot of fietsbellen.com)