This supermarket manager is a mensch, empties shelves for refugees

A supermarket manager from Jüchen, Germany, gifted shelves full of food to Syrian refugees who had just arrived in his village.

(Image: Tobias Huch / Facebook)
(Image: Tobias Huch / Facebook)

A note taped to one of the shelves explained the situation to shoppers: “Dear customers, because of an unexpected arrival of several buses with refugees, many of them babies and toddlers, we have given our goods to the aid workers on Wednesday. This was an immediate emergency. We have ordered fresh supplies and hope for your understanding. Thank you.”

The photos of empty shelves that local politician Tobias Huch shared to his Facebook page today went virally ballistic (or ballistically viral, whichever you prefer). They were shared well over 18,000 times at the time of writing and liked more than 150,000 times.

The supermarket Rewe Ermer, named after proprietor Michael Ermer and part of the Rewe chain, is known for its sympathetic actions towards refugees. According to assistant manager Patrick Pfeifer, “we are working in close cooperation with Malteser [a refugee aid org] and when there is an emergency, one of us always delivers food and drinks to the aid workers.”