About Beezels

Cool stuff in a light-weight package, that’s what I am about.

You know how your friends at major social networks share links to cool stories and somehow you end up on a page with more ads than there are stickers on a busker’s guitar case? Well, I’ll try and make this a site with the cool stories but without the crud.

My moment of revelation came the first time a clickbait site made my PC wheeze like a jet plane. Turned out that all the programs the advertising networks were running in the background were maxing out my PC.

I am not saying this site will never have ads or other features that will help me to improve Beezels, but if and when I add these features, I will make sure that they are non-intrusive. You can keep me to that promise.

Disclaimer: I have no control over embedded content. For example, when I embed a YouTube video, it is YouTube who partially controls what gets sent to your browser.

My name is Branko Collin and I edit Beezels.